Monday, October 3, 2011


I am a firm believer that weekends should no longer be 2 days but in fact should be no shorter than 3 days. Monday has become the most hated day of the week. Not that I have to go back to work and hate my job, I actually enjoy my job, but for the fact that I no longer get to enjoy quality time with my family. I also think they need to be longer because by the time I have a chance to relax its 11pm on Sunday night. .
Weekends are jammed packed full with cheerleading, football (yep, it's that time of year) and just good ole quality fun with the family. I wouldn't change one single minute of it. I cherish these weekends where I can spend time with the kids in my life because I know all too well these days are growing shorter as each year passes.

As I embark on the work week ahead I have some plans for this blog as well. So long as I don't go batty, which is of course always a chance. Not to say that I am nutty with a side of crazy just very busy at times. Which is safe to say that everyone I know is feeling that way lately. Not one person I know can't say they don't feel overwhelmed at times. That's why vacations/long weekends are needed to recharge our batteries.

So with that in mind this week I will feature a two part post on a vacation we took this past March. Yep, I am going to keep you in suspense. I am not going to tell you just yet. I am also hoping to feature a recipe or two that will be quick and easy ones that you can make during this busy work week.

So, HAPPY MONDAY to each and everyone of you....Are you grumbling? I can hear you. So turn that frown upside down:) No, too early for that one? OK, well then have an above average, over tired from a busy weekend, get through the day Monday. Sound better? OK well have an extra cup of coffee on me today. Lord knows I am on number...I am on number, is it bad I can't remember? I think I am too wired and I lost count. Oh, well here is looking forward to a 2pm caffeine withdrawl. I may or may not be asleep under my desk later today. I will never tell.

HAVE A GREAT MONDAY EVERYONE! And I will "see" you tomorrow:)

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