Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome to Destination Cook!

My name is Cami and I am Destination Cook. This blog is a combination of my two biggest passions in life which are of course traveling and cooking. Two of my other close favorites are of course talking and eating....preferably not at the same time.If I did them at the same time I might find myself dining alone. Which could turn in to a crazy lady eating and talking to herself. Which lets just say isn't a pretty picture...never mind. Moving on...

In this blog my priority is to give you a few of my favorite recipes peppered in with some of my favorite destinations. My goal is to expand your pallet and your minds! Well, not really but if I can broaden your recipe box and send your pinterest into over drive then I succeeded in my quest.

My recipes are kid tested and husband approved...**knock, knock** you still there?? OK, lets just say I have a family of Guinea pigs ready to try what ever I put in front of them,. Well, within reason anyway. I don't think Escargot would go over very well.
My recipes are pliable enough to fit any person's pallet. Recipes ranging from southern comfort food to Asian inspired dishes. This blog will have something for everyone, including those of us who are gluten intolerant. Most of my recipes will be gluten free adaptable but not all of them. Just because I can't eat it doesn't mean my family shouldn't. I, however, cannot ensure they won't get the evil eye while they eat it though.

My love for all things travel related will be featured here as well. Travels will range from day trips to weeks long trips. Of course weeks long trips will be few and far between. A pesky little thing called work gets in the way of that.

If you love to cook and to travel then this is a place to get new ideas. So this is me, Cami aka Destination Cook. Climb aboard and lets get this destination cooking...Ha! OK, I promise to stop that now. However, I can't promise to keep that promise:)

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